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Teens Doing Good

Teens from Ontario doing good on Good Deeds Day 2017.

Seeing teenagers trying to make the world a better place really warms our hearts. Here are a few examples of teens who participated in Good Deeds Day 2017 that impressed us

Highlights from Good Deeds Day 2017

Volunteers from KEN Jewish Community in San Diego

With Good Deeds Day 2017 just behind us, read more about some incredible volunteering projects that we especially loved

Good Deeds Day’s Unexpected Origin

Everyone knows today is International Good Deeds Day, the ever-growing day dedicated to doing good deeds. But did you know it originated in Israel? From its first steps in 2007 to the biggest celebration so far in 2017, read more about how Israel celebrates Good Deeds Day.

Inspiring NGOs Involved in Good Deeds Day

A volunteer from Moldova smiles while doing good.

International Good Deeds Day is a worldwide celebration of doing good, and this April 2, 2017 marks the 11th annual year. We’ve had millions of people and partners join us to create a wave of good, and in honor of the upcoming big day, we decided to spotlight 11 of our NGO partners who are rocking with inspiration. 

How One Clothing Drive Drove Worldwide Change

The first Street Store opens up in Capetown, South Africa.

How can one idea and an empty street change the world? Read on to see how one of our partners, The Street Store, turned one thought into a worldwide movement which helps the homeless everyday.