What Inspires You
To Do Good?

Good Deeds Day traveled the world with renowned American photographer John Noltner and his latest project A Peace of My Mind and asked leaders one simple question, “What inspires you to do good”? From India to Kenya, Peru to Pakistan, and everywhere in between, people all around the world share the innate value to Do Good for others and the planet. You’ll be touched by the heartfelt responses.

The Good Deeds Day Global Network

Africa Regional Conference

I always had a dream of helping the community in need. Then, I decided to fund an organization the is dedicated toward doing good and inspiring others to do good. play_video

Latin America Regional Conference


Asia-Pacific Regional Conference

I am inspired by one idea: We all live in one world for everyone and we will not have another world. It's all up to us and if our hands. play_video

What inspires you to do good?

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