Julie Sheng, the former Asia Representative of GDD, introduced Good Deeds Day to Taiwan in 2016, and since then, we have been celebrating this meaningful event every year. Julie’s mother, whom we affectionately call “MOM,” initiated the Volunteer Act on January 20, 2001, and has dedicated herself to social service for over four decades. She serves as the spiritual leader for all volunteers in Kaohsiung City, and that is why we refer to her as “MOM.”

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Kaohsiung Volunteer Association
Xu Hui-Mei President of Kaohsiung Volunteer Association (KVA)
+886 7 7611018

Organizing Committee

  • Ms Xu Hui-Mei

    President of Kaohsiung Volunteer Association

  • Mr Chen Wei-Kai

    GDD Representative of Taiwan

  • Chen Chi-Yu

    International Youth Volunteer Representative of Kaohsiung Volunteer Association (KVA)

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The origin of volunteer service work is gradual. It arises from human nature, and its development is closely intertwined with social work. Its future expansion will be endless, evolving with the changes in the economy and society. In essence, it coexists with other professional sciences without merging, serving as an intrinsic driving force for social work. It is an effective support measure for government governance, shining when combined with other sciences. In other words, the nature of volunteer service work grows, changes, adapts, coordinates, experiments, and innovates to enrich its content, free from bureaucratic habits and superficial actions of perfunctoriness. Through the noble virtue of “givers should be cautious, receivers should be grateful,” it shortens the distance between people, and embodies love and warmth.

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SDG Focus


Volunteer service is the concrete expression of helping others and being selfless. As long as there is willingness, one can actively participate and spread love without complaints. It spreads care throughout the world without incurring costs. Therefore, volunteer service is open to everyone. With organized utilization and methodical design, innovative projects can be developed, ensuring breadth, depth, and precision.

Volunteer service possesses the following characteristics:

1. It is driven by an inner spontaneous willingness.

2. Its organization is a voluntary association.

3. Contributions involve dedicating a portion of one’s time.

4. Methods are democratic, goal-oriented, and planned.

5.It is a form of ongoing, direct altruistic behavior based on mutual assistance and cooperation.

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