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Holidays + Good Deeds Day 2022

Good Deeds Day this year happened to fall very close to major holidays for all three of the major religions – Pesach (Passover) in Judaism, Ramadan in Islam, and Eastern in Christianity.  Multiple volunteering took place around the world that tied together Good Deeds Day events or projects with holiday celebrations. Here are just a few of these great projects.

Take Small Actions to Protect the Ocean

Our oceans are not only the largest ecosystem on Earth but one of great importance to our existence. Each of us can take small actions to protect the oceans every day – even if we don’t live near one.

6 Environmentally Focused Projects from Good Deeds Day

This Good Deeds Day, a huge number of participants around the world took part in environmentally focused projects. From planting, to cleaning to even releasing fish back into the ocean – so much collective good was done for the earth.

Trusted Ways to Support Ukraine Now

Working alongside our partners to support Ukraine, we’ve gathered a list of trusted charity and humanitarian organizations directly providing aid in Ukraine, as well Poland and Moldova, where a massive wave of refugees fleeing the war are landing.

Good Deeds Day 2022: Upcoming Events from Around the World

With a little over a month until Good Deeds Day 2022, it’s a great time to decide how you’ll join the Doing Good movement. Maybe you’ll start your own project or you’d like to join one that is already being hosted. We are happy to highlight some inspirational projects that will be taking place on April 3rd, 2022, from around the world.