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Global Sports Figures Unify Their Voices to #Bringthemhomenow

Speaking up for hostages is not political. It is humanitarian. ‎‏The world of sports around the world is asking all athletes to heed the call to protect the safety and security of all hostages. #bringthemhomenow hashtag was created to raise awareness on social media in all posts.

Making a Difference, One Scarf at a Time

Craft’d With Love’s mission is to spread love and comfort. They do so by donating scarves to cancer patients to help them keep warm during the cold winter months. Learn more about their amazing efforts and how you can join in!

World Humanitarian Day 2023

World Humanitarian Day is a United Nations holiday observed every year on August 19 as a tribute to humanitarian personnel and aid workers.

5 Partners Working to Achieve the SDGs

How our partners from around the globe incorporated the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals into their 2023 Good Deeds Day projects