Creating a World Where Good Leads the Way

Join millions of others who have taken part in Good Deeds Day since 2007. Get the scoop on how it all started and our big vision below!


Every year, we support global changemakers who desire living in a better world, to take impactful action by providing tools, inspiration, and a connected global network – because we believe that every person has the power to create positive change in their community and our world. 

“I believe that if people will think good, speak good and do good, the circles of goodness will grow in the world.” Shari Arison

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Initiated in 2007 by philanthropist and businesswoman Shari Arison, the first Good Deeds Day kicked off with 7,000 volunteers in Israel.   

Every year since then, Good Deeds Day unites people from around the world for one day dedicated to #DoingGood. Of course, we believe doing good is for every day. Yet gathering together for one day inspires a whole world of good.  


In 2011, Good Deeds Day went global, with events in over 10 international cities.  

In 2012, we reached Europe and teamed up with MTV Global, reaching over 24 million viewers.  

In 2013, 16,000 volunteers from 50 countries took part in hundreds of projects, including a kick-off with ABC Network in NYC.  

In 2014, the whole world jumped for good! We collaborated with leading volunteer organizations as part of a grand scale campaign to spread more good, and over 500,000 people took part!  

Since then, our team, our partners, and our good have grown to reach millions.  

In 2019, we held our largest Good Deeds Day to date, with over 3,900,000 volunteers from 108 countries. That’s almost 8 million hours of service!  

In 2020, while we couldn’t hold an official event, hundreds of thousands of virtual volunteers showed up – and finally… 


Today, we are a global movement of people and organizations dedicated to doing good every day. We meet annually on Good Deeds Day, committing to showing up for our world – and using it as a central meeting point to gain meaningful momentum to kick off another year of doing good every day.  

We are a network of volunteers who choose to organize events, improve our communities, and share resources and inspiration – all based on the simple idea that every single person can do something good, large or small, to improve the lives of others and positively change the world.  

Our big vision is to create a world where good leads the way. Are you with us? Learn how to get involved here.  

Good Deeds Day was launched and organized by the NGO Ruach Tova (“Good Spirit”), an Israel-based national volunteer center, and part of The Ted Arison Family Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the Arison Group 

Meet Shari here: 



Good Deeds Day 2025 will take place on April 6

Good Deeds Day 2026 will take place on April 12

Good Deeds Day 2027 will take place on April 18

Good Deeds Day 2028 will take place on April 2





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