This year, due to COVID-19, Good Deeds Day was celebrated a little differently. Yet, despite these challenging times, people around the world came together to do good in innovative ways by sharing ideas, and motivating each other to stay positive. 

From demonstrating how to recycle, properly wash hands, to fostering a dog or making toys for children, volunteers and people globally are getting creative and sharing how to do good from home.

Watch the video of how others are doing good and GET INSPIRED!:

Despite these challenging times, good deeds are still happening all over the world in creative and impactful ways! Our...

Posted by Good Deeds Day on Tuesday, March 31, 2020


This past Sunday for Good Deeds Day, we hosted a global virtual meet up with key leaders to unite together and support each other during lockdowns and the spread of the virus. Partner’s shared their experiences during these unprecedented times and we came together virtually to discuss the inspiring projects and good deeds people are doing. Speaking with everyone and hearing each countries heartfelt words of continuing to do good and volunteering virtually, united us and showed through Good Deeds Day, it’s Network, and humanity uniting, that we are all in this together. We are hopeful for a better future. 

Here’s a few of the highlights:


Unfortunately, some countries were hit very hard by COVID-19, including Italy. CSV Lazio, a Volunteer Support Center in Rome has been distributing information to all their volunteering associations across the region. They have kept their spirits up by showing support to their neighbors, especially the elderly community, by shopping for groceries, medicine and essentials and creating a framework for volunteers to move around safely. All volunteer associations are finding ways to keep in contact with their beneficiaries by using an interactive platform to stay connected. 


The Coronavirus pandemic reached Rwanda in March 2020. As of March 21st, Rwanda is under a two week lockdown, but that hasn’t stopped them from encouraging their communities to do good deeds for each other. With online platforms, the Rwanda Volunteer Network and other civil society organizations have been advocating for their government to provide basic needs for the people who can’t afford them, like food and soap. The government has now got involved and is working to supply these essentials to communities, and asking those who have extra resources to share with their neighbors or colleagues.

Caribbean Islands

The Volunteer Center of Trinidad and Tobago, the leader of Good Deeds Day in the Caribbean Islands, along with all their regional partners,  are doing their part by facilitating volunteering virtually. They have been donating to NGO’s in their community and hosted a mindfulness live session on coping with Covid-19. They are providing helpful tips on how we can continue to support one another in a socially responsible way. ⁣

In this time of crisis, we all join together and unite as one big family. Remember to always encourage and motivate each other and remain hopeful!

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