Back to back meetings, strict deadlines, and ongoing projects require a lot of energy, and sometimes, we risk running on empty trying to cross off everything on our lists before the end of the day. While ‘powering through’ may work from time to time, one of the best and healthiest ways to stay productive and efficient is to take a step back and practice mindfulness to recharge and regain focus. To really get into a flow state, check out these ten ways we can de-stress at work.

1. Give Yourself 10 Minutes for a Short Mindful Exercise
You don’t even have to close your eyes or crawl under your desk to lie down for these. Take the time to listen to a guided breathing video, or mindfully observe (note: not label) what you see around you. These exercises can make all the difference in your productivity, mood, and state of mind.

2. Practice Gratitude
Instead of focusing on what’s going wrong, make it a point to remind yourself of the positives. Maybe you’re grateful that salary enables you to live a more balanced life. Maybe you’re lucky you have a great boss. Or that while this job isn’t something you want to do, it shed light on how you’d rather spend your working days.

3. Be Present
Check in with what you’re feeling, seeing, experiencing, and hearing. Even if you’re taking a sip of coffee between writing up a report, really enjoy that sip and focus on your actions. Even feeling your fingers on the keys can qualify as a mindful exercise.

4. Focus on One Thing at a Time
Try the single-task approach. Multi-tasking doesn’t always increase productivity, and it can even cause more stress. Focus on one thing and one thing only until you complete the task and can move on to something else.

5.Get Your Blood Flowing
After you cross an item off your list, take a walk around the office or go outside for a few minutes. Stretch your legs and your arms so you can loosen up your body from sitting down all day.

6. Optimize Your Lunch
Instead of scarfing down your meal, take the time to actually enjoy and savor your lunch. Use the midday meal to turn back to the present. That means no devices, just focus on what you’re doing, taking a well-deserved break to enjoy your food.

7. Stay Humble
Be appreciative of the people in your life who have helped you get to where you are, and how they continue to contribute to your success. Work hard to help your team, and your company gets ahead.

8. Commit to Practicing
If mindfulness isn’t already part of your daily routine, it’s okay to need some reminders to check in with yourself. Set an alarm or send yourself invites to take little breaks or do a three-minute breathing exercise.

9. Accept What You Can’t Change
There are some things that happen in the workplace that we don’t have control over. Accepting these situations, learning from any mistakes, and moving forward means you’re accepting the current moment just as it is.

10. Aim Towards a Growth Mindset
Open yourself up to new possibilities, and use any feedback as a chance to grow and learn something new that will help you down the road. Take on new responsibilities to challenge yourself and know that eventually, you’ll improve, learn to adapt, and develop new skills.

This article was originally published on Goodnet and appears here with permission.

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