On Thanksgiving, millions of people gather around the table with their family and friends for a delicious meal and remember what they’re grateful for. It’s a day (or days, considering all those leftovers) of celebrating the fall harvest, family, and everything we have in our lives. While next day turkey sandwiches are part of the tradition, last year alone, 204 million pounds of edible meat was discarded, and in the US, we waste roughly 40% of food in general.

Planning a meal for a crowd isn’t easy and usually takes lots of experience to get it just right. To help cut down on the stress and limit excess food waste this year, put together an easy-to-use Thanksgiving Food Calculator. The planner lets you specify a variety of variables, such as the number of guests, personal eating habits, how many leftovers you want, and the type of food you will serve, making cooking for a crowd super easy and environmentally friendly.

So before you roll up your sleeves and whip out those cookbooks, check out the handy planner to be sure that you will get everyone fed, while minimizing the amount you’ll end up tossing afterwards. Your wallet will be grateful, and you’ll do something great for the planet at the same time.

This article was originally published on Goodnet and appears here with permission.


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