International Good Deeds Day is the one day a year dedicated solely to doing good. Last year, 3,900,000 people from over 100 countries across the world participated and Good Deeds Day on April 3, 2022, is slated to be even bigger and better. There is a myriad of activities to join or create your own. Volunteering was never this easy or this fun.

Here is a concise guide in 5 steps on how you can participate in this global movement of doing good.

1. Save the Date

Mark your calendars, your palm pilots, or put a sticky note on your refrigerator but do not forget to make time in your busy schedule for Good Deeds Day on April 16.

2. Choose What You Want to Do

Doing good is easier than you think. You can join an existing communal project or craft one of your own. If you need ideas, check out these great projects from 2018. You can give a free Yoga lesson, run a book or toy drive, clean a beach or a park, plant a tree and much more.

You can also use this remarkable resource, Volunteer Match, that is the largest network in the nonprofit world for connecting volunteers with the causes they are passionate about.

After you decide how you are going to do good, make sure you register it. Registration is already open. You can register as an individual, a group, a school, a place of worship, a company or an organization.

3. Spread the Good News!

The Good Deeds team has materials in eight languages to promote your project including toolkits, logos, Facebook images, and user-friendly templates. You can even print really cool stickers.

Nonprofit organizations may be eligible to receive up to 50 Good Deeds T-shirts for free. You must submit your T-shirt request by February 28. Eligibility criteria include full details of Good Deeds Day project; agreement to send photos and a brief report of Good Deeds Day project by April 25, 2019. Submit your request on the registration form. Your T-shirts will arrive by March 29.

4. Do Good Where You Work, Play or Pray

Since its inception in 2007, people from thousands of organizations or businesses have joined together to do good. There are numerous benefits to volunteering together. It’s a great way to team-build, it promotes your business as a caring company, it boosts interdepartmental cooperation, builds useful skills and it actually helps with worker recruitment and retention according to

5. Don’t Stop Now!

Participating in International Good Deeds Day could change your life. Volunteering not only helps the recipients of your acts of kindness, but it also helps you too. Volunteering makes you happier, reduces stress, helps your memory, and mentally healthier. Volunteering can help you get you into college and is great to add to your resume. It’s an all-around win.

This article was originally published on Goodnet and appears here with permission.

Registration for Good Deeds Day 2019 is open- let us know how you’ll be doing good on April 16, 2023 here!

Continue reading the Good Deeds Day Blog for inspiration on how you can incorporate doing good into your routine!


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