“I would like to send out a message from Israel to the world, a message of love and peace, light, goodwill, and kindness, that we be kind to one another.”

Shari Arison talked with several members of Light Workers Israel Unite on Essence of Life Radio Station. She focused the discussion on the goal of connecting with other light workers worldwide, especially during these times of uncertainty experienced across the world.

“We are all one, the duality is part of our past or something we are leaving behind, light and dark are one. The next level is already here, we feel it, we dream it, it exists, we did it,” Shari Arison said and talked about the importance of bridging barriers, and leaving behind duality in favor of unity.

The participants discussed their thoughts about the importance of joining together, and also shared their well-wishes for the world.

Click below to watch the broadcast.


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