Hug Someone Hugs are scientifically proven to make you happier and healthier. Through the simple act of physical and affectionate touch, hugs send happy vibes direct to your brain, which also helps to provide an overall sense of connection – the number one need of any happy human. The ideal amount of hugs per day is eight, so don’t skimp out and get hugging! ACT NOW: The next person you see (that you love), give them a big bear hug for no other reason than to improve both of your health.


Plant a Garden What we create in our environments is what exists in our lives. When we spend time doing something good for Mother Earth, the end result is always positive social impact. You can plant a fresh herb garden and create a fresh and sustainable way to season up your food.  You can also focus on planting colorful flowers to brighten up the neighborhood. ACT NOW:  Have a think about what herbs you would use the most. Some suggestions are mint, basil and lavender. Next time you’re at the supermarket, pick one up and start your garden!

Write a Thank You Note Gratitude has become buzz word for a reason. It’s scientifically proven that by feeling grateful for what we have, we can train our brains to think happier, healthier and live longer. Write someone who has always been there for you, or share a note with the coffee barista who makes your java in the morning. It will brighten up his day and you will feel the effects too! ACT NOW: Think of something you’re proud of. Who is the person who helped you achieve that goal? Think of two specific ways that person helped you accomplish your task. Write them down and send it to them via text or email if you don’t have a thank you card handy.


Donate Clothing How long has it been since you’ve worn that jacket? Over a year! Time to clear out that closet. This is good for your health in the fact that it’s a physical act of letting go of material items you might be holding on to that are just cluttering your life. It encourages a greater sense of freedom, inspires creativity, and removing physical clutter can help remove mental clutter too. ACT NOW:  Take 10 minutes and do a quick run-through of the clothing in your closet. Make two piles of Yes’s and Maybe’s. Google research places that are in need of clothing, or find the closest donation box near you to drop off.

Smile There is no doubt about why smiling is good for your health. A study shows that by simply holding a pencil in between your lips, a dose of healthy oxytocin gets sent to your brain. This simple act of facial movement is sending the right signals to your mind to make you healthier. Smiling is so important to your health – it even adds years to your life! ACT NOW: Smile for 17 seconds. You can fake it, it works anyway. To share the love, smile at someone.


Pick Up Trash Protecting our environment is important. By committing to clean up, you can help Mother Earth, and lead by example to those who see your act of kindness. In order to maintain a healthy home, we must keep her clean and try our best to leave no trace behind. ACT NOW: Next time you go outside, or if you’re outside now, look for an opportunity to clean up trash. You never know who you will inspire to do the same when they see litter on the ground.

Make Moves Get moving! Moving your body is a really crucial way of doing good for your health. Whether you join a charity walk, start a flash mob, or build a home for those in need, allowing your body to flow in action is likely to be reciprocated in your daily life too. By making moves on a consistent basis, you help yourself feel healthy, exercise more happy chemicals into your brain, improve your immune system and are likely to live a healthier life. ACT NOW: What kind of movement inspires you? Do you like to run, dance or stretch? Commit to doing at least one movement act this week and invite a friend along too. This can help make you both accountable for ensuring that you’re really making moves. Take a Breathing

Break In a world which commonly overwhelms our senses, it’s crucial for your health to remember to breathe and return to the present moment. If you find yourself on the constant go, go, go, you may find that you often sigh, and that means you need to breathe more often. Choose to meditate by counting your breaths or simply stare out the window with a pretty view. ACT NOW: Take a pause and let out a loud exhale. Follow that up with a smooth inhale and just pay attention, with no judgment, to the movement and flow of your breathe. If you want to continue getting updates about how you can feel good and do good, follow us here on the blog. If you’re inspired to do good now, check out these things you can do from your computer as you read.

Make Someones Day! it does not take much to make someone feel good. thanking someone for their work, giving them a compliment or even just smiling at them can change their whole day. ACT NOW: Take a moment to notice the people around you that we do not normally acknowledge. The person packing up your groceries,  a police man, the bus driver, the cleaning person at your office. Smile at them, thank them, wish them a good day or even hand them a candy. Any action you take will make a difference


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