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Performing acts of kindness can really make someone’s day. It’s so important that there is a day dedicated to doing kind acts. In 2024, Random Acts of  Kindness Day falls on February 7. But kindness does more than just help the person who receives it.
There are scientifically proven benefits to being kind? That’s right! Acts of kindness are known to release oxytocin, the love hormone, which invites you to create nurturing bonds and trust with others, according to Cedars Sinai.
By doing good toward others, you can also reap benefits. it’s a win-win! Here are five acts of kindness that can make the world a better place. Do these on Random Acts of Kindness Day, Good Deeds Day, or any day.

Kindness starts with gratitude
As you move through your day, aim to say “thank you” after every gesture that comes your way or for any kindness  that you receive. Being grateful benefits both the giver and the receiver and  new research in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology indicates that it also improves interpersonal relationships and inspires others who are witnessing the act of gratitude to connect. This kind of interaction not only feels good, but it also builds trust and deeper bonds with others.

Get in touch with a good friend
With family, work, and personal life, finding the time to stay in touch with friends or to meet up as often as you wish can be challenging. However, by taking the time to reach out to an old friend and spark conversation, it shows you are thinking of them and you care; something that can seem so minor yet creates great joy.

The action of reaching out to someone is a win-win. Not only will the other person feel loved, you’ll also reap the benefits. Social support results in increased life satisfaction, meaning that connecting with others can make you a lot happier, too, according to social indicators research.

Actively listen
In conversation, many people talk over the other person or wait for their chance to speak. But, as simple as it sounds, offering someone your attention and presence can be the greatest gift you can give.. After all, everyone wants to be heard, seen, and understood. And you can do that by actively listening.

When you listen with intention, you truly receive what another person is saying and take it all in. Being a good listener can condition you to become a compassionate, patient, and nurturing person, according to the College of Allied Educators. By actively  listening, you can create more meaningful connections with others and build trust, as they will feel like they can come to you anytime.

Volunteer at a local animal shelter
Why not stop at  your local animal shelter and offer to volunteer? Spending time with fluffy friends while offering your free time is the ultimate act of kindness where everyone is happy, according to the NIH News in Health. And volunteering is good for you too. Seniors who volunteer live healthier and more fulfilled lives.

Plant a tree
Random acts of kindness extend beyond people and apply to the entire universe. You can give back to mother nature by planting a tree. Not only are you acting on behalf of kindness, but you are also extending this kindness towards people, wildlife, and the environment.

And being out in nature is good for you too.According to the company  Ovo Energy, walking among trees has several benefits, including an elevated mood, reduced stress, and increased mental well-being. Furthermore, trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air and contribute to the fight against climate change. What better way to spread kindness?


This article was originally published on Goodnet and appears here with permission.


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