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In times of crisis, the power of solidarity becomes a beacon of hope, cutting through the darkness that often surrounds those whose lives have become a living nightmare. Such is the case with the recent heartfelt expressions of support from around the world for the Israeli hostages held by the Hamas terror organization in Gaza. 240 innocent Israeli civilians, including babies, young children and the elderly were brutally abducted by Hamas militants and have been held in captivity for over a month. In the face of this horrendous evil, people from diverse backgrounds are uniting to send a clear message to the families of the hostages: you are not alone.

Harnessing the power of peace, prayer and serenity

In solidarity with the hostages, Michal Cohen and Yaeli Bar, organized a moving group yoga performance entitled “We are the Sun”, where yoga teachers and students gathered together to touch the hearts of people far and wide. The performance consisted of a repetitive flow of sun salutations, mindful that the sun is considered in many cultures to be the physical and spiritual heart of the world, its light symbolizing the power of wisdom, and the heat of love.

“We are the Sun” aims to raise awareness of the situation and encourage public opinion to support the fight for the return of the hostages.

“The values ​​on which the performance is based are love and unity. Yoga has enormous power and influence. This is our way, the people of movement, to demonstrate in a different way. Harnessing everyone to convey the message to the world through peace, prayer and blessing, embodying, light and serenity” Sela told Goonet.

(Photo @ courtesy Barak Radunsky) 

Shared language of global solidarity

Across the world and throughout Israel there have been a variety of solidarity initiatives that serve as reminders of the unwavering support for the hostages and their families, The Jerusalem Post reports.

According to the AP, posters of the victims bearing their names and faces, each wtih the word “KIDNAPPED” across the top, have been hung in cities far and wide.

In Israel, a yellow light will be projected into the sky every night, the color a universal symbol representing hostages. In the Knesset, posters with the names and faces of the hostages were placed in the seats of the plenum section that is usually designated for the public. These initiatives express the shared language of solidarity that transcends borders and cultural differences.

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The tributes pouring in for the Israeli hostages are not just gestures; they are a collective reaffirmation of our shared humanity and the belief that, together, we can overcome even the most challenging of times.

(Photo @ courtesy Iliok)

These heartfelt tributes are a testement to the notion that even during the darkest of times, the light of our shared humanity can still shine bright and light the way to a better day for us all.

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This article was originally published on Goodnet and appears here with permission.


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