On October 7, Israel was brutally attacked by the terrorist organization Hamas, who simultaneously fired rockets into Israel while infiltrating Israeli territory in a murderous assault, massacring 1400 innocent people.

More than 240 hostages from 41 nationalities are being held by Hamas in unknown condition and their health is unaccounted for. Babies, kids, teenagers, young men and women, grandmothers and grandfathers – citizens of countries around the world.

In the aftermath of a significant terrorist attack near the Gaza border, Israeli athletes are taking a stand for humanity.  Omri Casspi, former NBA star and the NFL legend Nick Lowery are among those lending their voices to a cause that transcends the boundaries of sports. #SportsSpeaksUp

Maccabi World Union and the Maccabiah, along with the world of sports is asking all athletes to heed the call to protect the safety and security of all hostages. This has prompted an international outcry, with sports clubs and groups from various corners of the globe rallying behind the call for.


German Football Club Werder Bremen Takes a Stand: “Bring Them Home Now!”
In a powerful display of solidarity and support, Werder Bremen, a prominent German football team, used their league match as a platform to advocate for the release of the 240 captives. The images projected on the stadium screens and the resounding call from the fans serve as a poignant reminder that, in moments of crisis, the world can come together, transcending borders and backgrounds for a shared cause. Werder Bremen has etched its name not only in football history but also in the collective memory of those calling for compassion and justice in the face of adversity.

Bayern Munich Stands in Solidarity: Hosts Families of Gaza Hostages
In a heartfelt gesture, Bayern Munich, the German soccer powerhouse, opened its doors to the families of hostages held in Gaza by the Hamas terror group during their November 11 game. The visitors were warmly welcomed by soccer club president Herbert Heiner and CEO Christian Dreizen.

As a symbol of support, each guest received the club’s official football shirt, adorned with the names of the kidnapped children. Alongside these names, a powerful slogan resonated: “Bring them home.” The initiative aimed to convey Bayern Munich’s unwavering commitment to Israel and its unequivocal stance against terrorism.

Prior to the game, Bild underscored Bayern’s dedication, stating, “Bayern is committed to Israel! Bayern wants to send a clear message against terrorism and express full solidarity with the abductees, their families, and the people of Israel.” The club’s actions go beyond the realm of sports, echoing a resounding call for compassion and a peaceful resolution to the ongoing crisis.

LeBron James Condemns Hamas Attacks on Israel as “Tragic and Unacceptable”
In a joint statement posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, NBA superstar LeBron James and his business partner Maverick Carter expressed their condemnation of the Hamas attacks on Israel. The Los Angeles Lakers star labeled the events as “tragic and unacceptable,” emphasizing the devastating impact on innocent lives. James and Carter did not mince words, categorizing the actions of Hamas as terrorism and denouncing the violence perpetrated against civilians.

Nick Lowery, Hall of Fame #NFL player, stands strong with Israel against the forces of evil – share his words of support to encourage others to speak up.

In the powerful and moving video, the players of the Israeli national team are seen coming up to Bloomfield Stadium with the national anthem, Hatikva, playing in the background. The blue-and-whites extend their hands before going onto the grass and wait for the children to accompany them, but they did not come and the players went up and stood next to the judges alone. Watch the extraordinary video.

Hernan Feler, the Argentine soccer broadcaster, has a direct connection to the murderous terrorist attack by Hamas on October 7th. His aunt, Ofelia Reutman, was kidnapped to Gaza from Kibbutz Beeri, where she lived. Since then, at the start of every game he broadcasts, he delivers a monologue in which he demands the release of the abductees, including his beloved aunt.

Feler emphasized in the same monologue that Argentinians are also being held in Gaza: “There are 239 kidnapped people, 22 of whom have Argentine citizenship. We demand that they return home, return to their families. Don’t be silent, raise your voice. Don’t you feel guilty for being silent? Don’t you feel ashamed? Keeping silent is equivalent to cooperating. Bring back Ophelia, bring back all the abductees.”


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