Community garden
Build an urban garden and add some color to your neighborhood! You can plant vegetables, flowers, fresh condiments, and more for all to enjoy.
What you’ll need: a good communal area to use (ask permission first from your local authorities!), flowers, seeds, plants, soil, working tools, water.

Outdoor cleanup
Many parks and natural spots in your area could use some cleaning. Take a few friends and simply pick up trash together. The results will definitely benefit all passersby and inhabitants.
What you’ll need: trash bags, gloves.

Recycling corner
Recycling is one of the easiest ways to benefit the environment. In a central place in your community, place containers to collect plastic bottles and wrappers, old batteries, paper, or anything else you can think of. Encourage friends, neighbors, and anyone else passing by to recycle! Just make sure you know where to deposit and actually recycle what you collect.
What you’ll need: containers (as big as you can get them!) and signs promoting your efforts.

Clean water
Access to clean water isn’t a privilege everyone has these days. There are many ways to support organizations such as charity:water or You could volunteer with them doing anything from helping in events to writing thank you notes. Use this infographic to let your community know what they can do to save water.

Plant trees
Trees have amazing benefits: they provide homes for animals, provide shade, reduce wind speed, absorb carbon dioxide and so much more. Fill up a local bare spot by planting trees for all to enjoy.
What you’ll need: trees to plant, water, working tools.

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