Do Good From Home

Do Good From Home

There are countless ways we can do good for one another, even from the comfort of our own home!

If you are looking for volunteer opportunities to do from home, look no further! There’s a vast community of virtual volunteering just waiting for you.

Whether you become an online tutor or send a virtual card to someone you love, there are countless ways to be kind to one another.

Check out this wide range of resources and ideas that allow you to volunteer right from your home, and, still connect with others!


Do good and brighten someone’s day with GDD’s virtual cards!

Sending free ecards is a great way to let friends and family know how much they mean to you, whether they live next door or across the country.

It is a quick, easy, and sustainable way of sending a card to someone you love!

Browse through a variety of beautiful templates in different languages, designed especially for you.

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There are plenty of ways you can make a positive impact!

Get creative right from the comforts of your own home with these inspiring ideas.

Support Crisis Text Line


Work on your crisis management skills!

  1. Sign up to become a volunteer at the Crisis Text Line. 
  2. Register for a 30h course and become a crisis counselor. Crisis Counselors commit to volunteering 4 hours per week until 200 hours are reached.  
  3. Upon completion, you can start counseling from anywhere in the world 

Become an Online Tutor


Become an online tutor instantly!

  1. Start your application with TutorMe and choose the subject you want to teach.  
  2. Connect with your students. Students can message you directly or TutorMe can match them directly to you.
  3. Begin yor interactive lesson, with powerful features and tools that allow you to teach the best way you possibly can.

Edit Books


Edit books for people with reading disabilities.

  1. Sign up with BookShare.Org that offers thousands of eBooks, with just one click away. 
  2. Make reading easier for people with dyslexia, blindness, cerebral palsy, and other reading barriers.
  3.  Customize their experience to suit their learning style and help find virtually any book they need for school, work, or the joy of reading.

Donate Clothes


Clean out your closet and donate your clothes!

  1. Go through your closet and select the items you have not worn in the past year. 
  2. Categorize the items and save them in different bags or boxes. 
  3. Contact the closest charity and schedule drop-off! 

Send Thank-you Letters


Send thank-you letters to your local healthcare professionals!

  1. Support your local healthcare professionals and send a special note to care providers – and all the brave heroes on the front lines.
  2. Pick a facility in your community and write a thank-you note to the healthcare professionals who work there. 
  3. Share it on your social media to encourage your friends and family to do the same! 

Join a Volunteering Hub


Enrich someone’s life through volunteering.

  1. Join a volunteering hub VolunteerMatch, and create your volunteer profile. 
  2. Stay connected in areas like health and medicine, education, and community building, right from your own home  
  3. Search through a wide range of virtual volunteering opportunities and find your perfect match! 

Create a More Accessible World for the Visibly Impaired

aprender a leer Credit:

Bring sight to blind and low-vision people.

  1. Create a more accessible world for visibly impaired individuals and sign up for the free app, Be My Eyes.
  2. Through a simple video, connect and assist blind and low-vision people, whether it be checking expiry dates, distinguishing colors, reading instructions, or navigating new surroundings.
  3. Spread the word on your social media and invite your friends, family, or colleagues to join.

Host a Virtual Book Drive


Help put books into the hands of kids who need them.

  1. Volunteer to help us raise awareness about Bridge of Books Foundation and encourage the spirit of reading in young people.
  2. Sign up to help sort books for delivery to underserved children.
  3. Support similar organizations in your community and provide books and other learning materials to youth.

Share Uplifting Notes


Share uplifting notes with your neighbors.

  1. Put a surprise note in your neighbor’s mailbox wishing them uplifting thoughts. 
  2. Tell your neighbor to pass an uplifting note on to the next neighbor.
  3. Create a chain of kind notes throughout your neighborhood. 
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