Continent: Latin America


Bem vindo ao Dia das Boas Ações no Brasil! O Dia das Boas Ações (DBA) é um movimento global de voluntariado que une pessoas dispostas a ajudar com organizações que buscam apoio, transformando boas intenções em ações efetivas. Em 2024, de 11 a 18 de maio, o Brasil celebrará uma semana inteira dedicada ao Dia das Boas Ações (DBA), ampliando… Read more »


GOOD DEEDS DAY IN SURINAME In our 8 years of existence, we’ve participated in 3 Good Deeds Day projects. Our goal is to implement sustainable projects in mostly the rural communities. Some of these projects include: planting trees at different secondary schools, blood donations, motivational sessions for the youth in Moengo, donation of chickens to… Read more »


GOOD DEEDS DAY IN NICARAGUA Academic volunteers are the ones bringing this initiative to Nicaragua, seeking to spread through the whole country by making good deeds. Do we have your support to make it happen? Contact us and we will provide you with guidance to become a member of this wonderful team, which works untiringly… Read more »


GOOD DEEDS DAY IN PANAMA Since 2015, Panama takes part actively in Good Deeds Day every year. During a day, hundreds of volunteer projects with thousands of participants are launched. And every year, prior to this great volunteering day, we hold a workshop for NGOs which deals with the planning and organization of the different… Read more »


GOOD DEEDS DAY IN HONDURAS Good Deeds Honduras is established in most areas in the country, with a team of volunteers deeply engaged with performing good deeds all year round and improving our everyday life. We are looking for responsible people who are eager to make a difference. In 2016, a Volunteers Team was made… Read more »


GOOD DEEDS DAY IN GUATAMALA Guatemala became a member of Good Deeds Day in 2016. Since that year, we have established partnerships and carried out several projects together with many other organizations in the country. In 2017, we hosted the First Regional Good Deeds Day Conference for Latin America, which took place in Antigua and… Read more »


GOOD DEEDS DAY IN ECUADOR  In Ecuador, we are in Guayaquil and Manabí. We are looking for new volunteers who wish to join our movement and help us grow across the whole country to address as many causes as possible.  Our main goal is to promote projects of partner organizations we work with through different… Read more »

Dominican Republic

GOOD DEEDS DAY IN THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC In 2017 we celebrated Good Deeds Day in the Dominican Republic for the first time. We held a talk on the appropriate terminology and humane treatment of people with disabilities, within the framework of the National Youth Volunteering Fair, organized by Sirve Quisqueya, with the support of different… Read more »


GOOD DEEDS DAY IN CHILE Good Deeds Day arrived in Chile in 2017, when the organization Reshet joined the movement and performed good deeds as part of their annual activities. In addition, since 2019, we have a strong presence in Valparaíso thanks to the organization Valparaíso Voluntario. Our next plans include expanding across the whole… Read more »


GOOD DEEDS DAY IN COLOMBIA Good Deeds Day was first celebrated in Colombia in 2016, with an activity in the Mother and Baby Unit of the Hospital Universitario de Sincelejo (Sucre), where we shared out gifts for hospitalized children and layettes for newborn babies. In the following years, the activities spread to universities and non-profits,… Read more »