Continent: Latin America

Costa Rica

GOOD DEEDS DAY IN COSTA RICA We are a nationwide movement where members of the four main social sectors – social, public, private, and academic – unite to perform good deeds and make a difference. In 2014, GDD reached the country thanks to the NGO Bnai Brith Costa Rica. In the record time of five… Read more »


GOOD DEEDS DAY IN MEXICO In Mexico we carry out activities and projects all year long. We are currently present in eleven states and aiming to reach more. Join our movement and let’s make a difference together. Our national goal is to build a culture of solidarity through good deeds that may foster social change… Read more »


GOOD DEEDS DAY IN CUBA  GDD was launched in Cuba in 2019 and we grow every year in terms of partnerships and presence.  Cuba joined the Good Deeds Day network in 2019 with the Churches of Cuba Council (CIC) acting as country coordinator, receiving the permanent and unconditional support of the Support Group for People… Read more »


GOOD DEEDS DAY IN URUGUAY Since 2016, the great idea of ​​the Good Deeds Day was put forward in Uruguay, seeking to inspire and promote solidarity. During these years, actions were carried out with different characteristics in Montevideo, Canelones, Salto, Paysandú, Maldonado and Artigas: interventions on public roads, solidarity campaigns, murals, painting days and at-home… Read more »


GOOD DEEDS DAY IN VENEZUELA Venezuela has Good Deeds to tell about, and every day of the year is a good day to celebrate the good deeds we do in everyday life, with the tools we have at hand, and at this moment in time. Be part of the change and of this movement that… Read more »


GOOD DEEDS DAY IN BOLIVIA The Good Deeds Day movement in Bolivia strives to organize activities and projects in the cities of Sucre and Santa Cruz since 2016, under the aegis of the CONAVOL (National Volunteering Council) and CEBOFIL (Bolivian Philanthropy Centre) organizations. Our goal is to create an impact by carrying out Good Deeds… Read more »


GOOD DEEDS DAY IN ARGENTINA Since its first edition in 2015, Good Deeds Day Argentina never stopped growing. More and more organizations every year brought their volunteer projects to join our initiative. In addition, we have held several public events in different cities across the country, where we take music, joy and volunteering activities. Our… Read more »