Good Deeds Day World Leaders Forum

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About the Good Deeds Day World Leaders Forum

Appointed Good Deeds Day Leaders represent GDD locally and centralize organizing efforts. They represent their country in the World Leaders Forum and Regional Meetings and are the liaison between their country and the Good Deeds Day team.

Connect to the GDD Network

Please check out our Global Network page to see all the Good Deeds Day Appointed Leaders. If there is already a Leader in your region, reach out to them to see how you can collaborate and connect to the Good Deeds Day network.  If there is not a leader already in your region, read on to see how you can become an Appointed Leader in your country.  




The Role and Responsibilities of a Good Deeds Day Appointed Leader

The role of a Good Deeds Day Appointed Leader is to be a liaison between your countries organizations and Good Deeds Day, creating a work plan and vision for spreading Good Deeds Day in your country, empowering organizations to participate and get involved with Good Deeds Day year-round, and be the point person for anyone who is interested in joining the Good Deeds Day movement. When you become a Good Deeds Day Leader, you will have access to monthly live training sessions on topics such as social media, marketing, and sponsorships, and other learnings. You’ll also represent your region in monthly virtual regional meetings.


                                 Become an Appointed Leader



How to Apply – Join the Good Deeds Day Movement in Your Country!

  1. Find your Appointed Leader on the Global Network page.
  2. Get in touch with the Appointed Leader to join organizing efforts and connect with the local leadership committee.
  3. If no one is listed as an Appointed Leader in your area, you can apply here to become an Appointed Leader for your region.

Please contact us at for any further questions or concerns. 

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