Frequently Asked Questions

We have answers for all your Good Deeds Day questions!

Q: What is Good Deeds Day?
A: Good Deeds Day is a global movement that unites millions worldwide to do good deeds for the benefit of others and the planet. Read more about Good Deeds Day here.

Q: When can I take part in Good Deeds Day?
A: The next Good Deeds Day will take place on March 29, 2020. If March 29th doesn't work for you, you can choose to take part on another day in March or April, and continue doing good year-round!

Q: How do I sign up for Good Deeds Day?
A: NGOs, groups and companies can register their Good Deeds Day 2019 projects on this form. We encourage individuals to recruit colleagues, friends and family, and plan a project as a group!

Q: What should I do for my Good Deeds Day project?
A: Any project that benefits others or the environment can be a Good Deeds Day project. If you're not sure what you should do, check out idea page for inspiration.

Q: Can I use the Good Deeds Day logo when promoting my project?
A: Absolutely! Find our logo in 11 languages, as well as ready-to-use posters, graphics and more, over on our free downloadables page.

Q: Where can I stay up to date with Good Deeds Day?
A: You can follow Good Deeds Day on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. You can also join our newsletter to get the latest news about Good Deeds Day right to your inbox.

Q: How can I send you my photos, reports and links from my Good Deeds Day project?
A: Please email all photos from your project to After Good Deeds Day we will send all participants a survey to answer, in which you can include further information, accurate statistics and reports of your activities.

Q: Can I receive free Good Deeds Day T-shirts?
A: Non-profit organizations may be eligible for up to 30 free Good Deeds Day T-shirts. The deadline to submit free T-shirt requests is January 24, 2020. Eligibility criteria includes: full details of Good Deeds Day project; agreement to send photos and a brief report of Good Deeds Day project by April 29, 2020. Submit your request through the registration form.

Q: Can I change my T-shirt order after I submit it? Can I submit multiple T-shirt requests?
A: No.

Q: When will my Good Deeds Day T-shirts arrive?
A: If your Good Deeds Day T-shirt order has been approved, you should receive a postal tracking number to your email as soon as it has been sent to you. T-shirts will arrive by March 22, if you need your T-shirts earlier, let us know the date of your Good Deeds Day project when you sign up - our team will check cases individually when approving requests. Deadline for special early arrival is January 30.

Q: Do you offer financial assistance?
A: We’re able to offer Good Deeds Day T-shirts (with your logo) to your volunteers - non-profit organizations may be eligible for up to 30 free Good Deeds Day t-shirts, with the option to purchase more at our discounted rate. Good Deeds Day is unable to provide funding for local projects. We encourage organizations to seek sponsorship to cover costs.

Q: Where do I find volunteer opportunities in my city or region?
A: Organizations and groups from over 108 countries take part in Good Deeds Day, so you can do it anywhere in the world! Try looking up volunteer organizations in your area to take part with, or get friends and family together and create your own project! We'd love to hear what you come up with.

Q: I have another question!
A: Our team is happy to assist! Please write us at and a member of the Good Deeds Day team will get back to you shortly.
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