Continent: Asia – Pacific

Sri Lanka

Good Deeds Day Ceylon is a non-profit organization established in 2017 that works with and for the rights of children and families. In the Five Provinces of Sri Lanka, the Good Deeds Day Foundation supports the development of analytical capacity in children, families, and communities to assess the status of child rights. With the help… Read more »


GOOD DEEDS DAY IN CAMBODIA River Ocean Cleanup (ROC) is partnering with Good Deed Day Global to expand Good Deeds in Cambodia beyond the core mission to Keep Cambodia Clean & Beautiful! All lives depend on water resources, protecting and saving rivers and oceans are the most crucial acts ever to sustain all lives and… Read more »



GOOD DEEDS DAY IN PAKISTAN Pakistan has been participating in Good Deeds Day since 2016 and has grown to five cities.

Macao Sar

GOOD DEEDS DAY IN MACAO SAR Since 2016, volunteers from MACAO have joined the project of Good Deeds Day in Taiwan. Eventually, we started our own GDD celebrations and events in Macao every year and joined Good Deeds Day conferences around the world.


GOOD DEEDS DAY IN THE PHILIPPINES Hands On Manila has been joining and celebrating Good Deeds Day for four years. The following implemented projects are as follows: 2017 GDD in Arroceros Park, 2018 GDD Coastal Clean-Up in Las Piñas–Parañaque Critical Habitat and Ecotourism Area, 2019 GDD Children’s Carnival, and 2021 GDD Cook for Good.


GOOD DEEDS DAY IN MONGOLIA The Network of Mongolian Volunteer Organizations (NMVO) has participated in GDD since 2017. In 2021, the NMVO organized 78 GDD projects involving 3,310 volunteers, 10,737 target beneficiaries, and 14,047 people.


GOOD DEEDS DAY IN INDIA iVolunteer has been participating in Good Deeds Day since 2017 by organizing various volunteer projects engaging thousands of volunteers and partnering with several non-profits and other organizations to celebrate simple acts of volunteering and service to humanity. For Good Deeds Day 2021, we collaborated with many regional organizations and leaders… Read more »


GOOD DEEDS DAY IN NEPAL Nepal has been taking part in the Good Deeds Day movement since 2017. Different activities such as environmental sanitation, community cleanup campaigns are conducted every year. In the year 2021, the National Forum For Advocacy (NAFAN) and other partner organizations conducted talks about volunteerism, hosted a jungle safari, cultural shows,… Read more »