Continent: Africa


CNV became a member of the GDD movement in early 2020. Since then, it has organized GDD activities in 2020 and 2021. In both editions, the activities took place at national level. Due to the current circumstances, in 2020 the activities were exclusively focused on combating COVID-19, while in 2021 the celebration was extended to… Read more »

South Africa

I have never participated and organized any GDD activities as I was only introduced to GDD since February 2022. The vision resonated very well with me as I have been a volunteer serving the Community over 20 years I have always believed that each one of us has to do good which will help contribute… Read more »


GOOD DEEDS DAY IN MAURITIUS Good Deeds Day Mauritius, under the Halley Movement Coalition, has organized GDD activities since the beginning. Good Deeds Day in Mauritius is linked with IAVE’s mission to push the volunteering agenda, GDD Mauritius activities are well recognized in Mauritius.

Burkina Faso

JOURNÉE DES BONNES ACTIONS AU BURKINA FASO  Bobo Bénévolat est un outil mis sur pied depuis 2004 par des personnes soucieuses de la dérive de notre monde attiré par plutôt le gain financier au détriment du traditionnel bénévolat qui caractérise l’africain et le burkinabè. L’Association de Recherches, d’Etudes et Appui-conseil sur le Concept Culture et… Read more »


GOOD DEEDS DAY IN TANZANIA In 2017 Good Deeds Day was introduced to various individuals and organizations however the official launch was in 2018, just after the 1st Africa Regional Conference where 30 organizations participated in the launching program including NGOs, municipal, private companies, and individuals. In 2019, more than 300 people and 17 organizations… Read more »


GOOD DEEDS DAY IN NIGERIA In September 2018, Good Deeds Day was officially launched at O.A.U Ile-Ife Osun State Nigeria with 4 NGOs, De Eagles World, Nigeria Legion, Prof Jerome Elusiyan, the CMAC of OAUTHC. Religious leaders of the two sects were in attendance. The launch helped secure partnerships with various NGOs, government ministries, and… Read more »

Democratic Republic of Congo

GOOD DEEDS DAY IN THE DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO Congo was introduced to Good Deeds Day during the IAVE African Regional Conference on Volunteering held in Kigali, Rwanda in June 2015. Mr. Gilbert Mugisho Kakira who represented volunteers from the Democratic Republic of Congo at this conference grouped together with the National Coalition of Volunteer… Read more »


GOOD DEEDS DAY IN TOGO Good Deeds Day Togo Network is the Togolese branch of Good Deeds Day which is a global movement that promotes good deeds in all its forms. The movement arrived in Togo after the CEO of Good Deeds Day met Kokou Edouwossi, the CEO of NGO Mission Des Jeunes in Kigali at… Read more »


GOOD DEEDS DAY IN KENYA The VIO Society officially began engaging with GDD in 2017. Early that same year, we were lucky to host the Good Deeds Day CEO for a series of high-level partnership-building meetings. This led to a very successful celebration of GDD 2017 in Nairobi. This was a game-changer and a high… Read more »


GOOD DEEDS DAY IN GHANA From 2015, OMANIAE and the Good Deeds Day Ghana Network have undertaken several projects such as youth mobilization, youth empowerment, advocacy programs, community development project, leadership forums, sensitization programs, conferences, seminars, workshops, donations, and other several humanitarian programs which brought together scholars, teachers, students, kids, to less privileged youth, and… Read more »