Think good

Everything starts with you. Embrace the power of positive thinking, it may create impactful changes.

I want to "Think Good"

Speak good

Speak words of kindness; they carry the magic of uplifting spirits and fostering positivity.

I want to uplift others!

Do good

Every act of goodness, no matter how small, creates a ripple of positive impact in the world.

I want to make an impact!


Thinking positively leads to positive actions. Let’s focus on the good- help others and contribute positively to our surroundings.
A “think good” deed: Write positive notes and leave them in public spots. We not only make a positive impact, but also create a place where everyone feels awesome about what they’re doing. – it  brightens days & spreads joy!

Get ideas on how to do good!


Uplifting words have the power to spread joy, positivity, and inspiration wherever they go. By sharing kind and encouraging messages, we can brighten someone’s day and uplift their spirits. Let’s embrace the opportunity to spread kindness and positivity, creating a ripple effect of happiness in our communities and beyond.

Send an ecard to someone you love!


Embrace the beauty of the little things! Every good action we take isn’t just a drop in the ocean; it’s a ripple that echoes, shaping a significant difference day by day. Remember, your steps, no matter how small, are part of an incredible journey toward positive impact. Let’s keep weaving this tapestry of goodness together!

Do good with us and register your project!

Next Good Deeds Day is on April 6, 2025!

This year-long work brings communities all over the world together to “Think Good, Speak Good & Do Good” on one special day!

If you’ve been wanting to do something good in your community, no matter how big or small, become part of the movement to make the world a better place.

Join millions of volunteers around the globe, and together let us kick off 2024 and dedicate Good Deeds Day to lighting up the world with good.

Let’s unite in Doing Good!

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