Want to hear more about the FAMING challenge?

So, you heard about shaming, right? In fact, social networks are full of shaming.
Had a bad experience with a restaurant delivery? Boom, it’s on Facebook.
Saw a fight between kids in the playground? Everyone is talking about it in WhatsApp groups.
Saw a person argue with someone who wasn’t wearing a mask? His picture is now circling every social network.

In the age of social media ‘shaming’ has become a common term.
Too common! Maybe, we had enough?
It is in our hands to change the discourse. So how do we do that?

Let us give the
new phenomenon
a chance!

We invite you to join the challenge, it won’t take too long, all you need to do is highlight the good and reject the bad! You just need to look for it!
If you loved the dish you bought from a new restaurant? Give them a compliment!
Did your friend help her neighbor at the supermarket? Tell him how great he is!
Did your bus driver help an elderly person get on? Share the story with everybody you know!

In a nutshell – more positivity, less negativity. Sounds good, doesn’t it?
Take on the challenge, share only good things on your social networks and
invite friends, neighbors, and family to join!

Flood the web until the word #FAMING turns from a new word into a widespread phenomenon!

Are you with us?
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