Goodstock: Being Good Is a State of Mind

March 21, 2021

Global Virtual Conference


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 The world’s largest conference on Doing Good.

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The global virtual conference will feature keynote speakers made up of educators, NGO professionals, volunteers, government officials, and other leaders from around the world, delving into key topics around doing good and being good.

Join us as leaders unite to discuss topics such as: Leading Change Through Volunteering | Being Good is Good Business | Sustainable Development Goals: 10 Years to Go | Education: The New Generations of Good Doers | What it Means to ‘Be Good’ | Good Cities

The conference agenda features sessions on how to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals; development and promotion of volunteering; improvement, creation, and implementation of virtual programs; and the future of corporate social responsibility, among other issues.

The Conference will have high-level speakers, such as Dyalá Jiménez, Marcos Kisil, Gary Dixon, Owen Fitzpatrick, Laura García Coudurier, and Shari Arison, the initiator of the Good Deeds Day, among many others.

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Sample of the Keynote Speakers

  • Justin Aldrich Rockefeller

    Justin Aldrich Rockefeller

    Head of Impact Addepar
  • Heidi Solba

    Heidi Solba

    President & Head of the Global Network Let’s Do It
  • Jeremy Spicer

    Jeremy Spicer

    VP of Resource Development Ayalim
  • Paola Martínez Rivera

    Paola Martínez Rivera

    Founder & Director Clara Luna Foundation
  • Imam Omar Abboud

    Imam Omar Abboud

    Co-president The Interreligious Dialogue Institute
  • Natalye Paquin

    Natalye Paquin

    President & CEO Points of Light
  • Darryl Cooke

    Darryl Cooke

    Co-Founder gunnercooke
  • Jacqueline Way

    Jacqueline Way

    Executive Director & Founder 365give
  • Owen Fitzpatrick

    Owen Fitzpatrick

    Psychologist & Best Selling Author
  • Nichole Cirillo

    Nichole Cirillo

    Executive Director International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE)
  • Atnyel Guedj

    Atnyel Guedj

    CPO Made2Flow
  • Marjorie Spitalnik

    Marjorie Spitalnik

    Founder & CEO Little Rebels
  • Arik Zeevi

    Arik Zeevi

    Olympic medalist & Founder Israeli Foundation for Olympic excellence
  • asha

    Asha Curran

    CEO GivingTuesday

    Peter Singer

    Author & Professor of Bioethics Princeton University
  • Dyalá Jiménez

    Dyalá Jiménez

    Former Costa Rican Minister of Foreign Trade
  • Jacqueline Innocent

    Jacqueline Innocent

    Vice President, Volunteer & Institutional Engagement Habitat for Humanity
  • Rami Kirshblum

    Rami Kirshblum

    Co- Founder & CEO Uniper Care Technologies
  • Liane Sela

    Liane Sela

    CEO The Adler institute
  • Fr. Guillermo Marcó

    Fr. Guillermo Marcó

    Co-president The Interreligious Dialogue Institute

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